4 Musicals to Get Your 2019 off on the Right Track

Musicals: They aren’t for everyone. Yet, those who are huge musical theatre fans will know that once you find that soundtrack that really gets your head bobbing, or even gets you sobbing, you know it will be on repeat for weeks to come. Sometimes though the issue comes when you’re just itching for a new … More 4 Musicals to Get Your 2019 off on the Right Track

Tuna Sandwiches

I’ve always liked tuna sandwiches. Especially with mayonnaise in them. I mean, there’s the obvious problem of their smell consuming the air of the room around you, but other than that they’re great. When I was a kid, I lied about liking tuna sandwiches. A friend of mine went ‘ewwwww you like tuna sandwiches? That’s … More Tuna Sandwiches


I attended a lecture a few weeks ago for one of my classes, and my lecturer asked a question that got me thinking: How do you define home? It’s a difficult question to answer when you aren’t exactly sure. If you’re in a similar situation to me where home can mean a few different places … More Home

Irrational Fears

Confession: I used to be terrified of the children’s show Thomas the Tank Engine as a child. Yes, you heard right, I was afraid of a train. Sounds crazy right? When I say ‘used to’ what I really mean is if it’s on TV to this day I still won’t watch it. There’s something about … More Irrational Fears